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Discovery Unlimited has an open door policy and we encourage parental involvement. Parents are welcome to visit and participate at any time. The children perform in two evening programs a year. We communicate daily, send home monthly newsletters, and have scheduled parent/teacher conferences.



On our way home from preschool one day my son said, “Ms. Barbara and Ms. Kathy are my favorite teachers ever.” As a parent and fellow educator, these words were music to my ears.  -Andrea (parent)

Some of my most treasured possessions are the whimsical art pieces the boys made with you. –Laura (parent)

I just know that the twins did so well on their (kindergarten) assessment because of all of your hard work. –Lynzee (parent)

You have given my kids the greatest gift ever, the gift of loving to learn. –Pam (parent)

Every child who walks through that door enters into an amazing, loving, nurturing environment where he will be a better little person when he leaves. –Anna (parent)  

Barbara is just one of those people you meet and know instantly she is doing exactly what she has been called to do in life. –Betty (parent)

You have the greatest toys here! –Henry (age 5)

I love to play outside and sing the “tick tock when we go song” and you are a good reader! –Finn (age 4)

Ms. Barbara glues stuff so good. I love her! –Holden (age 4)


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