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Planting and nurturing the seeds
of growth and development


BARBARA LAYBOURN began her career as a preschool teacher in Jackson, Wyoming at Teton Preschool and The Community Children’s Project in 1978. She moved back to her hometown to open Discovery Unlimited in 1982. She has a B.A. in Fine Arts from Colorado College and a B.A. in Education from the University of Wyoming.  “It’s my privilege and pleasure to teach young children. Here at Discovery Unlimited, all of us (teachers, parents and students) experience the joy of learning. To see a second generation enjoying our school, just as their parents did, is deeply satisfying.”

SHANNON SOMERSET knows Discovery Unlimited inside and out. She was an involved mom when her four children attended, was our reliable substitute teacher for years and became our full time teacher in the fall of 2017. She is brimming with great ideas and puts them into practice on a regular basis. She holds a BA in Consumer and Family Economics from the University of Missouri.  “I can ‘t think of better ways to spend my days than to spend them with children.”


Discovery Unlimited has enjoyed a small teacher turnover, providing continuity and consistency for the children in our program. All of our teachers are certified in infant/child CPR and first aid, and receive 16 credits in professional development each year.


Discovery Unlimited Preschool • Quality Early Childhood Education Since 1982

515 East 25th Street • 307-632-1306 • Director: Barbara Laybourn