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FREE CHOICE TIME - Children choose different self-directed areas of interest, from an extensive variety of stimulating activities such as reading, manipulatives, drawing, dress-up, etc.

star CIRCLE TIME - We sit together for songs, finger plays and show and tell. Daily helpers are selected from among the children. Kindergarten readiness skills are incorporated into our circle time activities.
star SNACK TIME - Children help serve and clean up after snack.
star EXERCISE AND MUSIC TIME - We enjoy music, dancing, instrument playing, movement and group games. Whenever weather allows, we go outside.
star ART TIME - Children explore a variety of art materials; cutting, gluing, painting and drawing. We create treasures together and individually.
star CARPET/QUIET TIME - As they finish their art projects, each child chooses a quiet activity to do alone on a carpet square. This presents an opportunity for children to settle in and settle down – to learn to stay focused, respect personal boundaries and encourage independence.
star STORY TIME - We read books from home and our school’s library.


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